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“In 2014 my brother went vegan, I laughed at his choice, slowly I studied more and more and I accepted the truth. I went vegan! My mind and body changed forever.”

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Get in the best shape of your life in just 12 weeks working 1 on 1 with Jon & Kathrine


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  • "I’ve tried several diet and workout programs in the past, but none of them have worked. Jon's different because he genuinely cares if you succeed in meeting your goals."

    Danny V.
  • "The meal plan made me feel healthy, happy and full of energy for my workouts, even though it made me reach my goal to lose weight! And the workout plan had a great combination of different sets to help me gain strength and lose some fat!"

    Lizzi I.
  • "About ten weeks ago I ordered his programme and got to work. It hasn't always been easy but the strength gains keep coming! It's inspiring and only motivates me to be more disciplined and dial-in even more!"

    Antwan B.
  • “This program has changed my life because i was able to shred fat away and keep off the fat which is very important. Also the nutrition plan was amazing with the perfect macros which helped me lose weight.”

    Tandy C.
  • “Converting to veganism was a very radical and quick choice that I made earlier this year, and I needed help and inspiration to really stick with it. I reached out to Jon and not only did he give me the guidance I needed through a meal plan, but he also gave me someone to look up to moving forward!”

    Massimo L.
  • "Jon's passion for fitness and a healthy a vegan diet is an inspiration. I have already achieved many of my fitness goals.  And in less than two months!"

    Aaron K.
  • “I’ve worked with Jon for about 2 months now and what can I say, in these 2 months I saw great results and easy to follow plans made it easy. Jon is a great coach.”

    Saad M.
  • “I'm the happiest person in the world and I didn't feel so alive and happy since a very long time. Even in the gym I feel like an animal, I have a lot of strength and resistance. you are awesome and absolutely the best motivator and vegan guy I ever met”

    Marco M.
  • "I really enjoyed working with Jon! He answered all my questions and presented me with a awesome, easy to follow meal plan that helped me lose some unwanted fat!"

    Haylie G.