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About Jon Venus

Jon is a public figure most known for his YouTube channel where he focuses his efforts to spread information regarding fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content in an uplifting and entertaining way.


  • Born in Charlotte, NC
  • Fluent in four languages
  • Jon is 6’1
  • Jon is taken by Kathrine

About Kathrine Moen

Kathrine is a nutritionist (BSc) and personal trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and fitness on a vegan diet through YouTube videos and online coaching.


  • Kathrine is Norwegian
  • Vegan since April 2015
  • BSc Hons. Nutrition & Health
  • Kathrine loves chocolate
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“​The meal plan made me feel healthy, happy and full of energy for my workouts, even though it made me reach my goal to lose weight! And the workout plan had a great combination of different sets to help me gain strength and lose some fat! Thank you a lot for all the help and support!”

Lizzi I.

“​I was struggling to transition my regimented bodybuilding diet to a vegan one, especially when it came to making the macros work and figuring out what foods to eat. ​The week long plan came along with a comprehensive transition guide that formed a huge part of my education on the vegan lifestyle. I couldn’t have successfully transitioned without them.”

Bobby H.

“​​I decided to take Jon and Kathrine`s Transformation Program because I wanted a vegan trainer to help me get the results I wanted in my body, through a plant based diet. Although I didn’t fully follow the vegan meal plan, the results I’ve seen in my body with their workouts are amazing!I specifically asked for workouts to help me grow my glutes, and boy did they grow! From having (almost) no butt at all, I’ve seen how it’s become bigger and stronger. My legs are also stronger, my arms are still lean yet they have more muscle, and overall I just feel better and stronger. Communication with Jon and Katherine through email is very effective, and they’re always happy to modify your plan in order to fit your needs. Thanks guys for all your guidance!”

Julissa R.

“​​I’ve been thin all of my life. When I began eating vegetarian/vegan about ten years ago, I sort of accepted as fact that I would never have the bulky, muscular builds that some of the men I respected took for granted. This year I said screw it, I decided to put on some weight, and I was determined to do it 100% vegan. About ten weeks ago I ordered his programme and got to work. It hasn’t always been easy but the strength gains keep coming! It’s inspiring and only motivates me to be more disciplined and dial-in even more! If you’re on a plant based diet and tired of looking like you spend all day hugging trees and would prefer to look like you lift them, Jon will help an inspire you in your Quest for Fitness. Join the Vegan Revolution!”

Antwan B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repeat a day from the meal plan for several days?

Yes, each day adds up to your total given calories and macros. You can therefore repeat a whole day from the plan for several days in a row. This is a great alternative if you want to meal prep and/or make the plan easier. Note that you cannot mix and match meals from different days.

What should I do if I feel hungry during the day?

If your goal is fat-loss, you can include some more cruciferous vegetables or leafy greens to your meals to fill you up without adding a lot of calories.

If your goal is weight gain you can add some more vegetables, fruits, or starches to your meals to feel more satiated. You can use Cronometer to track your macros, and include another 100-200 calories per day to start off with.

What should I do if I am allergic to or dislike an ingredient?

You can use the “Interchangeable Foods” page that we provide to find a suitable replacement for you. Make sure that the ingredient you choose contains the same number of calories, especially when trying to lose weight.

If allergic to soy, you can replace the soy milk with another plant milk, and the tofu with beans, lentils or seitan. Remember to make sure the calories remain the same if you make changes, you can use Cronometer for this.

I am a beginner and don`t know how to perform the exercises?

If you are new to weight lifting we highly suggest that you watch the instructional videos that we provide. It is important that you start off performing the exercises with very light weights, and that you make sure to practice on your form until you can do the exercise correctly.

Can I change some of the ingredients for other ingredients that are in season where I live?

Yes, please refer to the “Interchangeable Foods” section that we provide. You can include different ingredients than what is listed as long as the macros/calories of the foods are similar.

What if I don`t want to consume protein powder?

You can replace the protein powder with another high protein food (legumes, whole-grains, tofu/tempeh) or a source of carbohydrates (fruits). Avoid replacing the protein powder with a high-fat food. Always make sure that the calories remain the same by tracking your food!

Is the protein intake in my meal plan enough to gain muscle mass?

Yes, the meal plan includes 20% of your total calories from protein, which is enough for active individuals to maintain and increase their muscle mass optimally.

I don`t enjoy doing HIIT, can I do a different type of cardio?

Yes, the most important part is moving your body and getting your heart rate up. You can do the type of cardio that you enjoy the most. Note that the intensity of a HIIT session is high and the duration is short, therefore you would need to do a longer cardio session if your intensity is lower.