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​The meal plan made me feel healthy, happy and full of energy for my workouts, even though it made me reach my goal to lose weight! And the workout plan had a great combination of different sets to help me gain strength and lose some fat! Thank you a lot for all the help and support!

Lizzi I.

​I was struggling to transition my regimented bodybuilding diet to a vegan one, especially when it came to making the macros work and figuring out what foods to eat. ​The week long plan came along with a comprehensive transition guide that formed a huge part of my education on the vegan lifestyle. I couldn’t have successfully transitioned without them.

Bobby H.

​I got better results through this program than I did with a personal trainer for 3 years! Not only am I stronger than I was three months ago, I lost significant amount of fat and I'm feeling more comfortable in my body than I have in years. Thank you both so very much!

Brighde R.

​I began 6 months ago with Jon & Kathrine and today I'm not the same man. I started with the transformation plan and followed the meal plan thoroughly. My coworkers noticed before me that I made progress with my arms and shoulders. I lost 25 pounds and 4% body fat (almost 5 pounds and 1% each month) and I made muscles for the 1rst time in my life. I'm 42 years old. The balance didn't change very much in the last few weeks, but my clothes, mirror, coworkers tell me otherwise. My mindset is changing about other things in my life. I'm really happy with the results, the workout and meal plans. And I'm proud to say that my gains come from plants!

Marc F.

​I decided to take Jon and Kathrine`s Transformation Program because I wanted a vegan trainer to help me get the results I wanted in my body, through a plant based diet. Although I didn't fully follow the vegan meal plan, the results I've seen in my body with their workouts are amazing!I specifically asked for workouts to help me grow my glutes, and boy did they grow! From having (almost) no butt at all, I've seen how it's become bigger and stronger. My legs are also stronger, my arms are still lean yet they have more muscle, and overall I just feel better and stronger. Communication with Jon and Katherine through email is very effective, and they're always happy to modify your plan in order to fit your needs. Thanks guys for all your guidance!

Julissa R.

​I’ve been thin all of my life. When I began eating vegetarian/vegan about ten years ago, I sort of accepted as fact that I would never have the bulky, muscular builds that some of the men I respected took for granted. This year I said screw it, I decided to put on some weight, and I was determined to do it 100% vegan. About ten weeks ago I ordered his programme and got to work. It hasn't always been easy but the strength gains keep coming! It's inspiring and only motivates me to be more disciplined and dial-in even more! If you're on a plant based diet and tired of looking like you spend all day hugging trees and would prefer to look like you lift them, Jon will help an inspire you in your Quest for Fitness. Join the Vegan Revolution!

Antwan B.