When you should & should NOT limit your sugar intake…

The media and most of the world, are scared of sugar and have been for many years. Sugar has been crowned as the ‘devil’ for some good reason, but not all.  It’s important to note that natural sugars that come from fruits are COMPLETELY different to the refined sugars you find in sweets & treats. This is where the confusion lies. 

Fruit sugars are not refined, are found naturally in foods and come attached to fiber.  Consuming fruit and fruit sugars will not cause a sugar rush of the same intensity as you would get from eating sweets. This is because the fiber attached to the fruits slows down the absorption of the sugars and prolongs their release into the bloodstream. 

On the other hand, refined sugars are absorbed almost immediately, giving you no room to NOT have a sugar rush – it’s almost impossible. These intense sugar rushes should be reason enough to avoid eating too many sweets and treats. 

At the end of the day, fruits which will give you more steady blood sugar levels and are generally something you should NOT limit within your diet. Of course, if you don’t want to go overboard on your fiber intake, then monitoring your fruit intake might be a good idea.

Herein lies the confusion about sugars, but it’s rather simple. Fruit sugars and refined sugars are different and should not be treated the same. Fruit sugars can be seen to be much healthier than refined sugars found in sweets and treats. Consuming small amounts of refined sugars won’t cause much damage, but remember to eat them only in moderation.